Organic dry cleaning can be an essential, hygienic, effective cleaning method for special garments and every day items. Whether we’re talking about sheets and linens, wash and fold laundry, or the precise attention to detail that a wedding dress or suit and tie require, here are the many benefits of dry cleaning and why you should consider dry cleaning part of your monthly routine.

1. Organic Dry Cleaning is Hygienic and Non-Toxic

We believe that our community needs and deserves access to natural, organic, non-toxic dry cleaning. Our all natural solution is an effective way to sanitize during Covid-19, clean laundry weekly or monthly, or care for linens and seasonal items.

When our co-owner, Virginia, survived breast cancer, we made a vow to give back with every purchase and emphasize the importance of non-toxic cleaners for the health and well being of all.

After working with dry cleaning professionals for nearly 20 years, we opened our own plant in 2016 because we wanted to bring safe products that wouldn’t cause harm or leave a “dry cleaning odor” on our bodies or our planet.

2. Dry Cleaning Can Remove Stains and Odors

Our expert dry cleaners, natural formula, and decades of experience help us treat and remove stains from precious garments. You can help make removing stains more likely by leaving the item exactly as is and bringing in your items as soon as possible after the incident has occurred.

We’ve been able to salvage items and refresh items for new use, even generations after they’d been used.

Check out this sweet story of a client who brought in her baby clothes to be cleaned and ready for her new baby:

“I’ve been using Ana’s for a year now and have gone to them for the most random needs.  But the most memorable are listed below: I am now expecting a little girl and my mother sent me a few baby girl gowns that I wore when I was one year old.  That means they are 32 years old and have been stored in nothing more than crummy cardboard boxes in attics, basements, and have travelled through all climates as my mom moves up and down the east coast several times.  Needless to say, both gowns were stained and yellowed.  I had little hopes for restoration but was willing to risk it because otherwise I really couldn’t justify putting them on my baby, they were just too yucky.  Well Jose worked absolute magic!  Not only did he restore the yelled white lace to white, but the colors are completely revived as well!  I wish I had a before picture but take my word for it, this man can do incredible things!”

Read the entire review here.

3. Dry Cleaning is Gentle for Delicate Items

Our dry cleaning team not only uses the safest and most natural formulas but we understand every type of material and how to properly clean, treat, and preserve your items, according to organic dry cleaning best practices. You can rest assured that no matter the item or the label, your items are in good hands. Want to see all of the items we service? Explore our dry cleaning and alteration services here.

4. Dry Cleaners Pay Close Attention to Detail

Our primary job is to dry clean or alter your garments. When you bring in your clothing, rugs, linens, sheets, buttons, zippers, leather, lace…you name it, our team treats every single item with the precise care and love that it requires. We care about your items as much as we do and we make laundry easy by doing the folding, ironing, or hanging for you.

5. Dry Cleaning is Super-Convenient

Ana’s Pick Up and Delivery Drop Off service is easier than ever to schedule online! Within a few minutes, you can drop off or leave your items by the door and check “laundry” off your list.

With a quick turn around time and convenient hours, we cater our services to you.

Dirty clothes? Let us clean, fold, iron, and preserve them for you, so you can get back to your other tasks.

6. Dry Cleaners Can Handle Large-Item Cleaning

Dry cleaners clean larger items than clothing including drapes, area rugs, slipcovers, and oversized comforters that can be an impossible chore for you to handle at home.

Utilizing dry cleaning services for your clothing saves you time and work and is one less thing to worry about in your busy schedule. Trust your items to Embassy Cleaners with our convenient dry cleaning pickup and delivery.

7. Our Dry Cleaning Plant Offers Clothing, Linen, Rug, Shoe Shining, Alterations, and More

There are 2 main types of dry cleaners, dry cleaners with a cleaning plant in-house and dry cleaning agencies who bring your items elsewhere for cleaning.

Our all-in-one organic dry cleaning plant processes and treats your clothes at the same location. We not only take your run-of-the-mill sweaters, dresses, and suits, but we also treat sheets, drapes, curtains, pillow cases, tablecloths, napkins, rugs, and we offer alterations of all types.

Want to take advantage of our Rohnert Park or Kentfield dry cleaning or alteration services? 

Explore our specials here or schedule your pick up or drop off service right away.