Signing up for Ana’s Valet Pick Up and Delivery Dry Cleaning service is easy, just click below! It’s a simple process, once you sign up we do the rest.
For any frequently asked questions refer to our list below.

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By Internet: go to and click on the Schedule Dry Cleaning button up on our website

By Email: Email and provide your full name and the last 4 numbers of the phone under your account

By Internet: go to and click on the Schedule Dry Cleaning button up on our website

The platform will ask several questions in order to create an account for you

By APP: Download and create account. Request a pick up

All Dry Clean and Laundering services are provided at our facility in Rohnert Park Wash & Fold service is provided at our facility in Kentfield, with the exception of leather suede, and area rugs. Our facilities are Owned and Operated by Anas Valet Cleaners. We do not share a facility with other Dry Cleaners.

If any personal items are found, they are placed in a Eco-Friendly security envelope and are attached to the invoice found in front of your order.

We will do our best to resolve the situation. In most cases we would need to pick up the item and examine it and get back to you. Please email us at and leave a detail message with your contact info, Name, additional information and we will contact you.

If you have special instructions, attach a note to the item. If garments need to be serviced in a different way please place items into a separate bag with a note detailing your instructions or Send us an email at and provide your contact info with your special instructions. If ordering online, enter a detailed note in the space provided in the NOTES field.

No. Leave your bag on the porch or a pre-designated area, and we take care of the rest. Door to Door Time-Frame : 10a-5:30p Mon-Fri. We’ll pick it up and deliver it back to you according to your pick up and delivery days above.

Pickup and delivery location could also include through the concierge desks where such possibility exists. In the garages or rooms in around the house if codes or keys are provided.

We service Marin County, Sonoma County, and San Francisco.

Cities and Towns we Service;

  • Greenbrae/Kentfield
  • Larkspur/Corte Madera
  • Ross/San Anselmo
  • San Rafael/Mill Valley
  • Tiburon/Belvedere
  • Sausalito/San Francisco
  • Petaluma/Santa Rosa
  • Rohnert Park/Cotati

Yes, For orders below $80.00
No additional fees are added above $80.00

Kentfield, CA $5.10 Fairfax, CA $4.99
Ross, CA $5.10 Mill Valley, CA $5.10
San Rafael, CA $5.10 Petaluma, CA $7.99
Corte Madera, CA $5.10 Tiburon, CA $5.99
Larkspur, CA $5.10 Sausalito, CA $5.99
San Anselmo, CA $5.10 San Francisco, CA $7.99
Belvedere, CA $5.99 Woodacre, CA $6.99
Greenbrae, CA $5.10 Rohnert Park, CA $6.99
Santa Rosa, CA $7.99

Yes, our minimum requirement is $25.00 Value

If an order does not meet our minimum, order will be charge for $25.00.

  • Credit Card – We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.
  • Wireless Pay – Google Pay, Apple Pay (In-store only)
  • Cash
  • Personal Checks are not accepted
  • Crypto Currency is not accepted

All payments are billed to customers via online invoice that is sent to the email provided upon registration or by Saved Credit card info on your personal account. If you would like to save your CC on file please call 415-991-5102 to speak to a representative.

Kentfield/Ross/Larkspur/Greenbrae/Fairfax/Woodacre/San Anselmo/San Rafael – Our pick ups & Deliveries start at 10AM-6PM

Corte Madera/Mill Valley/Sausalito – Our pick ups & Deliveries start at 12PM-6PM

Tiburon/ Belvedere – Our pick ups & Deliveries start at 9AM-12PM/ 3PM-6PM

San Francisco –Our pickup and deliveries start at 6:00pm and 8:30 pm.

Rohnert Park/Cotati/ Santa Rosa/ Petaluma – Our Pick up and Deliveries start at 3:30PM-6PM

We do not service East Bay at the time being.

Please leave your bag outside as soon as you have called in your order. We have drivers in the area and pick ups are constantly dispatched.

Yes, You have 2 options: Routine Routes or On-Call.

Routine Route: Is when you choose a fixed day for your pick-ups using our pre scheduled days in your area as listed below. This is good if you know you have cleaning every week. 5 Hour advanced cancelation required if no service needed on any given day(s).

Available Routes:

Once a month;
Every First Tuesday of the month. Pick up on the first Tuesday and Return items within 2- 5days afterwards

Bi-Weekly Service;
Pick up Mondays-Drop off Fridays
Once a Week pick up and Drop off ; Mon-Fri

Weekly Service;
Pick up only Mondays-Drop off only Fridays
Pick up & Drop off Mondays & Thursdays
Once a Week pick up and Drop off ; Mon-Fri

On-Call: Is when you Submit in your orders the night before the service is required. This is good if you don’t want to commit to a certain day, and you like to keep your options open. You have 5 days access to our service. Restrictions may apply based on city or town.

Kentfield/Ross/Greenbrae – Mon through Sat

Larkspur – Tues through Saturday

Fairfax/Woodacre – Mon, Wed, & Fri

San Anselmo – Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat

San Rafael – Mon, Wed, Thu & Sat

Corte Madera/Mill Valley – Mon through Fri

Sausalito Wed & Sat

Tiburon/ Belvedere – Tues, Wed, & Fri

San Francisco – Tues & Fri

Yes, We are happy to accept all hangers & un-damaged supplies.

An Environmental Fee is a service fee established to provide for the costs of administering programs for the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste. Beginning March 7th 2022

We use industry-accepted encryption and authentication technology for all web transactions to assure that only our authorized staff can read any information that is transmitted to us.

Quality takes time, so we do not offer same day service. We are able to offer Next-Day service for a small fee and completion after 5pm.